Feelings Cards

We are now offering a deck of cards representing 34 feelings. You can browse below to see each card and a definition of the associated feeling. You can click on each card to see a longer definition.

These cards are designed for kids and adults who want to discover their feelings in a fun way.

Marshall Rosenberg believed that expanding our vocabulary was the best way to connect with accuracy to ourselves and others. Plus, if you have a hard time grasping the difference between hopeless and desperate, or with conflicted and ambivalent, please have a look at the definitions.

You can download all the cards by clicking on each feeling and (Right-click on the image > Save image as...) and use it for free, or you can support my work and buy the whole deck (34 cards) of feelings here: https://www.printerstudio.com/sell/designs/feeling.html

If you are interesting in the needs deck (52 cards), you can find them here: https://www.printerstudio.com/sell/designs/needs.html

The size of the cards is 44mm X 67mm (1.73" x 2.64").

Ambivalent - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comAmbivalent
Having two opposing feelings at the same time, or being uncertain about how you feel.
Angry - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comAngry
Having a strong feeling of or showing annoyance, displeasure, or hostility; full of anger.
Anxious - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comAnxious
Feeling worried, nervous, or afraid about what may happen.
Apprehensive - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comApprehensive
Feeling fearful about future events.
Ashamed - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comAshamed
Reluctant to do something through fear of embarrassment or humiliation.
Bored - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comBored
Feeling tired or restless because of having to do something that is not interesting.
Calm - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comCalm
A state of tranquility; or not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions.
Confident - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comConfident
Sure about one's own abilities.
Conflicted - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comConflicted
Having or showing confused and mutually inconsistent feelings.
Confused - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comConfused
To cause misunderstanding, or to make understanding difficult or impossible.
Depressed - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comDepressed
Feeling unhappy and without hope.
Desperate - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comDesperate
Having lost hope.
Disappointed - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comDisappointed
Unhappy because what was hoped or wished for did not happen.
Disgusted - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comDisgusted
A strong feeling of dislike for somebody/something that you feel is unacceptable, or for something that looks, smells, etc. unpleasant.
Embarrassed - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comEmbarrassed
Feeling uncomfortable because of shame.
Enthusiastic - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comEnthusiastic
Having or showing great interest.
Euphoric - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comEuphoric
An extremely strong feeling of happiness and excitement that usually lasts only a short time.
Exasperated - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comExasperated
To bother or annoy to the point of causing anger.
Excited - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comExcited
In a state of excitement; thrilled.
Furious - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comFurious
Full of anger; wild with fury.
Guilt - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comGuilt
A feeling of being sorry or responsible for having done something wrong.
Happy - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comHappy
Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.
Hopeless - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comHopeless
Having little or no hope; in despair.
Intrigued - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comIntrigued
To draw the strong interest of; puzzle; fascinate. Having one's interest, desire, or curiosity strongly aroused.
Puzzled - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comPuzzled
Difficulty to make a decision.
Relieved - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comRelieved
No longer feeling distressed or anxious.
Sad - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comSad
Feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy.
Scared - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comScared
Thrown into or being in a state of fear, fright, or panic.
Surprised - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comSurprised
Shocked or amazed by something unexpected.
Thankful - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comThankful
Conscious of benefit received.
Tired - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comTired
Needing sleep or rest.
Touched - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comTouched
Feeling gratitude or sympathy; moved.
Wary - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comWary
On guard against threat or danger.
Worried - Feeling Card - www.dailynvc.comWorried
Feeling trouble about something that might happen.