I am… all that you are. A normal person for some, a funny person for others, a loved one for my family and friends. I could define myself as a French storyteller who does graphic design, or an immigrant to the US but any description would be reductive. What is interesting about me is than I am convinced that Nonviolent Communication is a path to love and connection for every human being, that is why I decided to create this blog.

I called it Daily NVC because Nonviolent Communication is a way of life and every step we take to put it in practice, even the smallest one, is always a way to make our lives more wonderful. In my opinion, daily baby steps are the most efficient method to assimilate NVC’s teachings. This blog is primarily about NVC but I will allow myself to talk about other topics related to personal development.

If one of my article can meet any of your needs, I will be delighted. As for me, it is a way to meet my needs for creativity, connection, humor, self-expression and competence.