Feelings and needs cards and posters

I am happy to announce that you I created 2 sets of cards (one for the feelings and one for the needs). You can also download for free the whole set of feeling cards in the “feeling cards” section on this website.

I like this quote from David Kessler: “If we can’t name it, we can’t feel it”.

You can help yourself and your child to name your feelings and needs with this set of cards. I am surprised how effective it is with children. I tested it on a wide panel of one person aged 6 (my daughter) and it made wonders. Here is a little true story.

My daughter is rarely keen on brushing her teeth. Sometimes it takes more time than others. Sounds familiar? Well, on that one morning, she just refused, and went away.

I felt the anger and frustration coming up on my part. I thought “Why is this so complicated!?” I took a few seconds to regroup, thinking, “Ok, if she reacts like that, there is something about it, what can I do? I went to her and said something like “you really don’t want to brush your teeth, do you?”. Some kind of growl came out of her mouth. I tried some empathy, but the growling continued. And then I had the revelation. I asked “do you want to try to look at the cards” (which she was already familiar with). She said “Yes”.

We went through the cards and, with some help, she was able to find her feelings and the unmet needs behind them. As I was putting away the cards, she said “I’m going to brush my teeth!”. This is the magic of NVC with the help of cute little cards.

Both sets of cards can be purchased on this website, by clicking on the pictures.

The size of the cards is 25.4 mm X 50 mm (1.75" x 2.5").

You can also buy the poster versions of the cards here: https://www.redbubble.com/i/poster/Feelings-by-Euskadaz/77235121.LVTDI and the needs one: https://www.redbubble.com/i/poster/Needs-by-Euskadaz/77331593.LVTDI

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