Sad (Feelings Cards)

Feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy.

Everyone has felt some kind of sadness in their life. It is defined as feeling or showing sorrow. We could almost say that sadness encompasses many different shades of feelings such as: depressed, dejected, despairing, despondent, disappointed, discouraged, disheartened, forlorn, gloomy, heavy hearted, hopeless, melancholy, miserable, unhappy, wistful. Obviously, it is not really true because sadness holds its own particular definition different from the others.

My question is how many of those words do you use when describing your feelings?

We can compare sad and miserable for example. Miserable is almost an extension of sad in the sense that feeling miserable goes beyond feeling sad.

Example: I was very sad when our cat died.

Sad - Feelings Cards - Daily NVC -

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